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dental help

s8867 started this conversation

I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone that can help someone with dental work.  I live in S.C. and I am in

constant pain with my teeth, don't have many left.  But it is very hard just trying to go to work and enjoy life when you are in pain.  I am a single mom, with a teenage son at home, does anyone know of anyone that could help me in getting my teeth pulled.  Don't have insurance, but if anyone knows of an orginazation in or around Summeville, SC that can help please email me at





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Hi Sherry, Earlier today, Sierra was thoughtful enough to pass some information on to me and i would like to pass this information on to you since you live in the Charleston area. Lots of Luck to you, i hope this helps. patients/

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Check out Who~Knews Dental Help page it may have some useful links for you.
Dental Help

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